born and raised in the derbyshire countryside, I have always been fascinated by the beauty of the outside world and questioned how to bring it into our everyday lives and interiors.

from a young age i walked my german shepherd for hours, consumed by the beauty of the landscape and intrigued by the wild flowers and animals i came across. the freedom i felt lifted my spirits and made me feel alive. i would often pick flowers and press them though my imagination took me far away from the phyiscal objects.

i have always loved to dream and create through art and dance as well. i have danced all my life and feel blessed that i am able to pass on my experience through teaching in my spare time. i feel this compliments and enriches my work as a designer, inspiring my children's patterns and themes.

previously, i have worked as an inhouse designer for an agency and gained alot of experience and understanding of the design industry , sucessfully selling my designs worldwide, these included private commissions with companies including Harrods, Creative Tops, Clarke & Clarke, Hobby Lobby and Saturday Knights. after several years i became demotivated by uninspiring briefs and themes. i longed to create my own patterns and develop my style, all the time feeling myself being pulled in a new and exciting direction.

working on my own collections has opened a door to reveal endless opportunities. i would love people to instantly recognize my style as beautiful, pretty and desirable art that can equally be used in home interiors as well as fashion and paper products. i hope to see my beautiful florals used for children's clothing as luxurious yet affordable fabric. i am influenced by many things which can result in an ecletic style at times but at the moment i am most inspired by antique french silks and vintage fabrics. i like to interpret these with a modern twist using on trend colours and stylized motifs.

it is a dream to think that my patterns are being used on products and i hope they are loved and cherished in peoples homes. through hard work and dedication i hope my designs are recognised as individual, unique and gorgeous!

setting up the business of my own brand is an exciting journey for me of which i feel i am just at the beginning and have recently begun to secure licensing deals with dream companies.

in February, 2018 i joined the group "Artabella Collective" and over the last fews months we have been preparing for our very first trade show together.


we will be at Blueprint show 2, New York from May 20 - 22 , i would LOVE to see you there