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Review of my recent Skillshare course

I recently took a course by Bonnie Christine on Skillshare entitled "3 Focal prints in 3 Weeks". As always with Bonnie's teachings I was so inspired and motivated.

The 3 themes I chose were 'Along the Hedgerow', 'Chatsworth Parkland' and 'Folksy'. The latter being quite different in theme but was an excuse to use some of the recent sketches that I did in Portugal.

The course was really well executed with email prompts and reminders to keep you on track. I began by doing mood boards on Pinterest as well as using my own photo collages for inspiration. This is a great way to remain focused though my work always seems to organically evolve, sometimes in surprising directions!

I did find that looking back, these 3 focal prints were great starting points to work I have also done in the Make it in Design Summer School which I will review in my next post.

I would highly recommend the workshop and please take a look at my project here :

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